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Chiarimento da parte dell'Agenzia delle Entrate in merito alla numerazione delle fatture.

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The great experience of Digisoft SpA in the vending branch and the diversification of the internal duties offer the customer an operating support for the management of all aspects connected to his activity.

In order to help our customers to obtain a rapid and efficient organizational structure, our advisors usually work "side by side" with the company with the purpose to carry out their processes with the most optimal approach.

Thanks to our organizational and executive consulting, we have supported for the improvement process a lot of companies, both small- and medium-sized, as well as big national groups, which act on many operating branches, through the building of organizational systems, coordinated and centrally monitored.

New companies that are planning to approach the vending sector from the beginning, small actors who want to improve their operating standards, new groups that acquired different management unities and different organizational systems, all the above mentioned subjects chose Digisoft SpA as a partner, in order to recognize the most suitable, flexible and qualified operating model.

The added value offered by our counsellors is connected to the combined actions and synergies carried out thanks to our managerial software VegaWindows, that is the very first organizational instrument of the process.

Together we can build an organization made of clear and useful work procedures, of efficient mechanisms useful for the decisional and managerial process and of check systems, that will not burden the structure but that in the meantime keep under control the job of its subjects.

Our knowledge of the vending branch has kept on growing during the years and nowadays it allows us to remarkably reduce the preparation time of the managerial organizational systems, since the critical and managerial processes are widely known by our counsellors.

Furthermore, the organizational systems of management that we can build together come easily into line with the standards of quality required by the ISO 9000 certification.

Organizational system of management: standardization of the processes, computerization of the activities and improvement of business performances.